Citizens Energy Conference: Making Energy Democracy Happen


Our energy system is outdated in many ways: fossil fuel based and thus unsustainable, technocratic and dominated by a few big market players. But already some decades, citizens are developing the alternative system: renewable, decentralized and democratic. The strong development of renewable energy cooperatives shows us what citizens are capable of, especially when they are supported by a partner state, that develops a stimulating legal framework and offers smart incentives.
How can we strengthen this transition to an energy system of the future?

-Dirk Holemans, coordinator Think Tank Oikos
-Dirk Vansintjan, President
-Elise Steyaert, local climate cooperation Klimaan Mechelen
-Claire Roumet, Director Energy Cities
-Johan Daenen, Member of Flemish Parliament
-Bob d’Haeseleer, Green Party in Eeklo (BE)

IHECS, Priemstraat 15, 1000 Brussels


  • 17h00   Welcome by Aurelie Marechal, director Green European Foundation
  • 17h10   Stage setting by Dirk Holemans, coordinator Oikos think tank
  • 17h30   Local & citizen initiatives with Elise Steyaert (Klimaan), Dirk Vansintjan (REScoop), Bob d’Haeseleer(Groen Eeklo)
  • 18h30   Q&A
  • 19h00   Coffee break & finger food
  • 19h30   Role of governments with Claire Roumet (Energy Cities),Johan Daenen (Member of Flemish Parliament)
  • 20h30   Q&A